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Scheduled Training Events Practical Homicide Investigations March, 20-22, 2017 Red Lion Hotel Bellevue, WA More details coming WHIA Annual Conference and Vendor Expo May 9-12, 2017 Clearwater Resort and Casino Suquamish, WA
Previous Training Events: Practical Homicide Investgations With Lt. Cmdr Vernon Geberth, NYPD (ret) Bellevue, WA, April, 2012 Bellevue, WA, March, 2013 Bellevue, WA, March, 2014 Bellevue, WA , March 2015 Bellevue, WA, March, 2016
WHIA Annual Conference and Vendor Expo Shelton, WA, May, 2013 Shelton, WA, May, 2014 Shelton, WA, May, 2015 Suquamish, WA, May 2016
Investigating and Responding to Officer Involved Shootings Thurston County, WA, 2011 Yakima, WA, July, 2011 Ithaca, NY, July, 2012 Spokane, WA, January, 2013 Spokane Valley, WA, January, 2013 Burien (CJTC), WA, January, 2013 Vancouver, WA, Feb, 2013 Mount Vernon, WA, June, 2013 Burien (CJTC), WA, July, 2013 Regina, SK, October, 2013 Wenatchee, WA, May, 2014 Olympia, WA, September, 2014 Grenada, October, 2014 Walla Walla,  WA, June, 2015 Antigua and Barbuda, June, 2015 Mount Vernon, WA, August, 2015 Barbados, February, 2016
Social Media - Open Source Investigativee Techniques With Mike Bazzell Lakewood, WA January, 2014
Documenting Bullet Defects for Shooting Scene Recontructions With Det. Don Ledbetter Seattle, WA, June, 2012 Moses Lake, WA, November, 2012 Clark County - Camas, WA, February, 2013
Forensic Digital Video Collection With Ed Baker and Larry Compton Burien (CJTC), July, 2014
Violent Crime Investigators Regional Training Conference Burien (CJTC), WA, November, 2010 Burien (CJTC), WA, October, 2011 Burien (CJTC), WA, OCtober, 2012
Have an idea for a training event?  All we need is a relevant topic, a presenter/instructor, and a venue (we have some venue ideas). Shoot us an email:  info@wahia.org 
Basic Homicide Investigation 5-day Lakewood, WA October, 2015
Training You Can Use
Crime Scene Photography 5-day Lakewood, WA September, 2016
Digital Video Recovery Lakewood, WA September, 2016
DVR Hard Drive Imaging Lakewood, WA September, 2016
Training and Conferences